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ARB Air Locker Camp Chair – First Look

I recently found myself in the market for a new folding camp chair because the Walmart special I’d been using just wasn’t getting the job done. Now you might ask “wouldn’t a Coleman camp chair for 15 bucks at Walmart do just fine?” My response would be to promptly challenge you to a dual where […]

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How to Contribute to DirtRoadTrip

Sometimes you read something, and you almost feel compelled to jump out of your chair, wave your fist in the air and shout “Right on, man!” A recent open letter written by Christophe Noel over at Expedition Portal almost did that for us. You can read it straight from Christophe here, but the gist is […]

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2015 Uwharrie OHV Jamboree

Recently you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been spending a lot of time down in North Carolina, and it’s not just because we’re big fans of sweet tea, fried chicken, and Carolina barbecue. I made the drive down late Friday night to Uwharrie National Forest to attend the 2015 Uwharrie OHV Jamboree hosted by Scott Fields […]

FOX JK Review Banner

FOX 2.5 Factory Series Shock Review

Here at DirtRoadTrip we love suspension, so when we saw that FOX had a fully adjustable internal bypass shock with a remote reservoir for the JK, we knew who would be taking our money next. In November of last year we installed the FOX 2.5 Factory Series Internal Bypass shocks on our 2014 JK Rubicon, and they […]

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Ironman 4×4 Awning – Long Term Review

I’d been looking to add an awning to the FJ Cruiser for a while now so after doing my research I settled on the Ironman 4×4 awning. My main reason for choosing it was the integrated LED light, plus the price was right. At $282.50 (you can find them on sale for less) it was […]

2016 Chevy Colorado Cover

The 2016 Chevy Colorado is Worth Waiting For.

It wasn’t all that long ago that any thought of the Chevy Colorado conjured images of little NAPA trucks wearing yellow hats, and not much else.  The much-needed 2015 remodel has rejuvenated the Colorado lineup and one-upped the Tacoma (my opinion), but the 2016 model is the one we’ve been waiting for.  For 2016, diesel power becomes […]