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4x4 Podcast

DirtRoadTrip on the 4×4 Podcast

If you’ve poked around in the offroad/4×4 community for any length of time, chances are you’ve happened across the The 4×4 Podcast.  Dan Cole, who runs The 4×4 Podcast has had a lifelong passion for offroad driving, be it “overland style” exploring, desert racing, rock crawling, you name it. We first met Dan a couple […]


UORTC – 4WD-202 Class Part 2

After finishing the rollover recovery portion of the course and trying out some new recovery techniques, we thought we were through the toughest part of the day… Scott and the rest of the UORTC staff had us air down and load up the trucks in preparation for a ride around the property. After weaving through […]


Anything but Asphalt: Mapping & More

46,629. For simplicity’s sake lets round that up to 50,000. That’s roughly the total mileage of unpaved roads in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania combined. 6,543,616 – lets call this one 6.5M – or more accurately the number of acres of Federal Land in those 4 states. So why the raw numbers? Simply […]

GAOS 2015 Banner

Great American Outdoor Show 2015

If you ask your significant other if you can attend and outdoor show on Valentines Day and she says yes, go buy a ring and a lottery ticket. Maria and I headed up to Harrisburg, PA early Saturday morning to check out the show and see some friends we knew would be there. This was definitely one of […]

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UORTC – 4WD-202 Class Part 1

When Scott Fields offered us the opportunity to head down to the Uwharrie Off-Road Training Center (UORTC) to attend their 4WD-202 Class,  we cleared our calendars and headed south to beautiful Uwharrie, North Carolina. UORTC’s 4WD-202 is an in-depth and hands-on class that further expands on all of the lessons taught in their introductory 4WD-101 class. […]

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Hiking Sugarloaf Mountain

For 2015 my fiance and I decided that we wanted to spend more time exploring local areas around Washington, DC, and the only way to really hit the dirt in the area is to put on some hiking boots. We’ve passed Sugarloaf Mountain dozens of times while on our way up and down interstate 270, […]